Sustainability Rules


Our brown boxes are made from partially recycled materials and printed with recycle logos. Please recycle these boxes!

The JoJé carton boxes are made with the utmost attention to environmentally friendly practices. Check out our certifications below:

Carbon Footprint

JoJé is currently tracking our annual carbon footprint made from our production and transportation practices, which allows us to refine and improve in this area. Significant changes, such as where our suppliers are located and how they transport our materials, have recently been applied in an effort to reduce this footprint. Stay tuned for more positive changes happening in the near future.

Food Waste

We are currently working with our new production facility to develop a system for donating all food-product waste.


JoJé is constantly seeking partners and suppliers that demonstrate responsible practices and technology which promotes sustainability. REI is an example of a retail partner that requires vendors to continuously evolve and practice sustainable and environmentally friendly measures.