Power Your Day

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Cycling | Running | Triathlon

A balance of simple and complex carbs for a steady release of energy, without highs and lows.

The right amount of healthy fats needed to fuel endurance activities.

Protein from real food sources, keeping energy levels steady, without upsetting your stomach.

A texture that is soft, moist, and easy to eat without being overly sweet.

Packed full of macronutrients and calories, weighing in at 2.2 ounces yet fits easily in your gear.

Performs as a meal replacement / supplement, campsite breakfast, or trailside snack.

Loaded with healthy fats to keep you going all day long.

Balanced with the right amount of simple and complex carbs for mental acuity and keeps energy levels steady.

Backpacking | Hiking

Why Pick JoJé?


We bake with real food ingredients to provide you with wholesome, delicious, and unique flavors


Our vision of balance is a well-rounded lifestyle with delicious tasting nutritious foods, and a passion for staying active, healthy, and fit.


We’ve crafted our bars with the science of performance and nutrition in mind to provide sustained energy

Kids Snacks

Kids love JoJé bars because they have the taste and texture of a cookie.

Real food, gluten-free, non-GMO and organic oat. based bars are choices Parents can feel great about.

Fun flavors that kids and adults love.

Guaranteed to satisfy that afternoon craving with our real food ingredients that satiate any appetite.

More nutritional quality than a cookie or baked good, and zero sacrifices on taste.

Low sugar to carb ratio. In fact: one JoJé bar has less sugar than most 6 oz containers of Greek yogurt.

Size is right to easily fit in your travel gear.

Provides sustained energy so you’re less likely to graze on empty calories throughout the day.

Travel | Gym | On-The-Go

Skiing | Snowboarding | Winter Sports

Perfect mix of fats and carbs to keep your body moving in cold weather conditions.

Just the right amount of protein so blood will keep core, arms, and legs warm, rather than re-directing to digest this macronutrient in the stomach.

Combine the perks of our Cycling/Triathlon and Hiking/Backpacking/Climbing categories as these can apply to winter sports adventures.

Our bars don’t freeze so you can enjoy on the slopes, at the summit, and in the coldest conditions!