Our Story


Co Founders John Abate and Jess Cerra (JoJe´) are elite and professional athletes that share a passion for racing our bicycles, being active in the outdoors, and a love for healthy, nutritious, and great tasting food.

Jess is a professional road cyclist and a private chef. As the founder of "Fit Food by Jess" she prepares wholesome and nutritious meals for families, athletes, cycling and triathlon camps, and catering events. Jess's innovative recipes and formulations are the foundation of our JoJe´ Bar flavors and have landed her on the pages of Triathlete Magazine as their regular nutrition contributor publishing her delicious recipes.

John has been road cycling and racing as an elite amateur, holding his Category 1 road license. As Business Development Manager with an emphasis in Sales, Marketing and Project Management, John oversees the business operations while guiding JoJe´ Bar toward a bright future! 

While racing professionally, Jess was in need of an energy bar that would taste great and provide her all of the nutrition to train and compete at a high level. The commercial energy bar market simply could not meet her demands for a bar that was easy to digest, gluten and dairy free, and delicious tasting. So, Jess took to the kitchen over five years ago with a goal in mind: to make the most delicious tasting energy bar that is made from actual real food ingredients that offered a sustainable release of energy. Striking the perfect balance, JoJé athletes rely on our scientifically formulated recipes to allow a slow, sustained energy source so they feel less hungry and can train longer.

Today, our customers are not just athletes. They also include families, active people both indoors and out, and those leading the "on the go" lifestyle looking for a healthy meal replacement or snack.

Never any artificial additives or preservatives, just great taste and texture in every bite!

Simply put, JoJe´ Bars are the most delicious tasting bar that you will unwrap today!