What Fuels You?

JoJé Bars are the perfect balance of great taste, a soft cookie - like texture, and packed full of key nutrients for any activity and lifestyle. Take us on your next adventure and see why we love to say #fuelyouradventure


 •Balance of simple and complex carbs for a steady release of energy. No highs and lows.

 •The right amount of healthy fats needed for endurance, 70% or less of your maximal efforts.

 •Enough protein to satiate, but not so much that you have a heavy gut.

•Texture that is soft, moist, easy to eat (and open wrappers) without being overly sweet.


•Packs a good amount of macronutrients and calories into a 2.2 ounce bar, so it's easy to fit in your gear and also nutritionally dense. 

•Can perform as a meal replacement. Perfect Campsite breakfast or trailside snack.   

•Combine the perks of our Cycling/Triathlon and Hiking/Backpacking/Climbing



          Winter Sports

•Perfect mix of fats and carbs to keep your body moving in cold weather conditions... and our bars don't freeze so you can enjoy on the slopes, at the summit, and in the coldest conditions!  

•Just the right amount of protein so blood will keep core, arms and legs warm, rather than re-directing to digest this macronutrient in the stomach.  

•Combine the perks of our Cycling/Triathlon and Hiking/Backpacking/Climbing categories as these can apply to winter sport adventures.

•Loaded with healthy fats to keep you going all day long. 



•Our bars are guaranteed to satisfy that afternoon craving because they're made with real food ingredients that not only taste delicious but also fill you up. 

 •More nutritional quality than a cookie or baked good, but zero sacrifice on taste.

 •For the total weight of the bar and amount of macronutrients, our bars are low in sugar.  In fact, one bar has less sugar than most 6oz containers of Greek yogurt! Geez, how about that!?  

 •Size is right to easily fit in your travel gear.

 •Don't be afraid of the calories. You'll be so satisfied by our bars and less likely to snack and "graze" on useless empty calories. Moo!

•Real sweeteners honey and brown rice syrups, a.k.a "sugars", are not bad in moderation. Avoid the low-sugar bars with over-processed sugar alcohols, which have been shown to trigger the brain to actually crave real sugar, causing over eating later in the day.  

Kids Snacks

•Kids love our bar because they have the taste and texture of a cookie.

•Feel great about the purity of real food and organic ingredients in our bars, which meet Gluten-Free and Non-GMO standards.  

 •Fun flavors that kids and adults alike love.

 • So check out our Store Locator to find the goodness today!