• Jess’s First Ski Race

    I’ve never seen a crowd of people more enthusiastic about eating an energy bar. 
  • How to Fuel for Cross-Country Skiing

    There are many different nutrition strategies for marathon-length races, but I’ve learned that setting a plan (and sticking to it) is incredibly important.

  • The JoJé Story

    JoJé Founder, Jess Cerra, baked what would be the first JoJé Bar back in 2010. Since then, little has changed! Not only does her commitment to cre...
  • RoadRunner Holdings Finds a Perfect Match, Completes Acquisition of JoJé Bar

    Since starting JoJé Bar in 2016, Founder and CEO Jess Cerra’s mission has been to create a line of energy bars baked with real-food ingredients tha...
  • Female Identifying Role Models in Sport

    When it comes to female role models, I consider myself to be extremely fortunate. My mom is tough as nails. She is a woman made of grit and ca...