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Jojé Bar Featured in Women’s Running Magazine

As the healthy food boom explodes around the country, it’s worth taking note of the strange new boxes and wrappers lining the shelves. Sometimes an entrepreneur with a particular palate or dietary need will decide to make a little energy-delivering snack that ends up snowballing into a big-time business. It’s how Clif Bar started in 1990.

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On the rivet: Interview with Jessica Cerra

Jessica Cerra is one of those riders who has earned her spot in the peloton through skill, toughness, resilience, and force of will. She came to road racing via triathlon and MTB, and burst onto the local North County San Diego scene a couple of years ago as she was recovering from surgery to correct a severe case of iliac artery compression syndrome in her right leg.

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 Recipes from our Chef

“Nourishing, colorful and delicious food has always inspired my love for cooking and creating recipes. I’m so excited to share some of my favorites with you! ”                                                                                  

– Jess Cerra

Beet Salad

No surprise that beets are one of the healthiest foods out there, containing antioxidant phytonutrients that boast anti-inflammatory and detoxification benefits.  Plus, they are quite tasty and colorful in a salad.  While beet salads are trendy right now, this recipe has some unique twists with juicy orange segments, creamy ricotta, and toasty macadamia nuts.

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Immunity & Recovery Boosting Breakfast Bowl

One bowl, loaded with the immune boosting and recovery promoting support that you need as an endurance athlete.  Warm and creamy hot cereal, with a touch of ginger to decrease inflammation is complimented by crisp fresh fruit, crunchy walnuts, and tangy golden raisins.  Pomegranate seeds supply powerful antioxidants, while kiwi boasts a high concentration of vitamin C to ward off cold and sickness.  Walnuts are also known to contain antioxidants and omega 3’s, which also ward off inflammation.  Plus, this bowl is as beautiful as it is good for you.

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Baked Apples with Quinoa & Pecans  

Baked apples are like mini apple crisps, ready to go for breakfast or dessert.  Try this spin using quinoa, instead of oats, to add a little protein to the dish.  Nutmeg, ginger, and pumpkin pie spice add all your favorite warm and cozy fall flavors and are also good for reducing inflammation. 

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Spinach & Asparagus Pesto

Two seasonal veggies star in this fresh pesto, that doesn’t need cheese or nuts to be rich and flavorful.  Eating clean and simple is important to all of us during the heart of the racing season.  This is the perfect dish to satisfy that need, packed with vitamins and minerals it’s ideal for both fuel and recovery.

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Apple Walnut Sticky Tart

The name says it all, this treat is moist and dense, each bite filled with juicy, tart apples, crunchy rich walnuts and a burst of spice.  Greek yogurt and avocado are used to replace the typical unhealthy fats used in baking while adding protein and fiber to the tart.  Top with a dollop of Greek yogurt, fresh apple slices and a sprinkle of walnuts for a satisfying breakfast, dessert or snack.

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Good Belly Bowl

 This bowl will nourish you and leave your tummy feeling happy.  Raw sauerkraut is becoming increasingly popular because of its strong probiotic powers.  Paired with raw beets, which have been proven to benefit endurance athletes, sunflower sprouts, crunchy almonds, and tangy lime chicken, treat yourself to a bowl piled high with goodness.

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